Students can easily access each of the 7 campus sites of the University of Rouen with public transportation. There is no necessity for students to have a car, although it can be helpful at times! Students need to make sure that they validate their ASTUCE transport card every time, even if they have a monthly, unlimited pass. Bus controllers often stop students and will give a fine between €30-50. Students must also be aware that the bus schedule changes. There is a specific schedule for weekdays, weekends and holidays. Each bus stop is equipped with an annual calendar for students to verify.

Mont Saint Aignan (MSA), the main campus, can be accessed by the T1. Students who take this bus live in downtown Rouen and can take the bus from "Vieux Marche," "La Republique," "Theatre des Arts,"or "Kindarena." Taking the bus lines F2 or #8, is also possible for students. The two most common bus stops for students trying to reach MSA center are "Campus" and "Place Colbert".


Pasteur is very close to downtown Rouen and can be accessed by either the T1, T2 or T3. For students that do not live on the main bus line, it is possible to take the bus lines #13 or #5 and then walk between 2-10 minutes depending on the stop.

   Martainville is also accesible by ASTUCE transport. Most often, students take the T2 which passes by the main bus route in downtown Rouen.

    Madrillet is located about 30 minutes from downtown Rouen, is easily accessible by metro. Be careful that there are two metro lines. One goes to Technopole and the other to Georges Braques. In order to go to Madrillet, students need to take the metro in the direction "Technopole".




Elbeuf is about an hour from downtown Rouen. Students can take the bus line #32 at "Theatre des Arts" until "Cirque Theatre" then  take the line E to Elbeuf IUT campus. On a weekday, it takes about an hour each way.

Evreux is the online campus that cannot be accessed by ASTUCE. Students can visit the following link to adequately plan their travel. Estimated time each was is about an hour.