In order to enroll in a Bachelor (License) or Master program at the University of Rouen, potential applicants must either have the Bac (French HS diploma), an equivalent (DAP), or a minimum B2 level in French.

    Students that do not have the Baccalaureate, but are seeking entrance into a French Bachelor program, must complete the DAP exam before admittance.

More information can be found here:

     For applicants that need documentation of competency in the French language, the DELF/DALF exams are available to take in the country of origin.

More information about the DELF exam can be found here: 

     For applicants that have had little exposure to the French language, have recently begun learning or would like to start learning, the University of Rouen offers two years of preparatory. During this time, students enroll in intensive French language classes at the university Language Center. This gives non-French speakers, who would like to enroll in the University of Rouen, an opportunity to learn the French language, culture and social norms before entering a Bachelor or Master program. Enrolling in this preparatory option also gives international students time to adjust to the Normandy region, explore the city, learn about the history, and join various clubs and sports activities.



Language Center (Centre de Langues)
24 bis rue Jacques Boutrolle
76821 Mont Saint Aignan cedex
(on the third floor)