ENT (Espace Numérique de Travail) is an online platform that serves as a useful tool and guide for students to excel both academically and personally. This platform is particularly useful because it compiles all the necessary information that students should know about regarding the university. Students can find grades, links to search engines, class resources, space to save and upload documents and much more!

To login visit the following link and use the same credentials as you would your school email and logging into a university computer:


Guide to using ENT:

In the first heading "annonces," students will find general information pertaining to the University of Rouen such as history, facts about the Normandy region, conferences and other academic events. Under this heading, there are also links for local weather, transportation delays, and cultural events.

In the second heading under "Bureau" students will find a tab "Annuaire URouen" that permits them to find the email of any student, professor or faculty member within the University of Rouen. Students can either choose to search a first name, a last name or both and a selection of names will appear. This is particularly helpful for students when emailing professors with questions or documents.

In the fourth heading, "stockage," a drive can be found for students to upload and save documents, music, downloads, videos and more. This space is useful because students can access their academic and personal information on any computer without having to hassle with a USB drive, sending through email or logging onto a personal computer.

In the fifth heading, under "formation," there is a tab entitled "UniversiTICE" which directs students to another site in a new window. On the homepage, students will have an option to choose a specific portal or go directly to their UniversiTICE account. There are sixteen portals to choose from which include IUT Evreux, Campus of Medicine and Pharmacy, Campus of Law, Economics and Management etc. Depending on the field of study and campus, students will click on the portal pertaining to them. Once on the portal site, students will find any announcements, resources and documents, information about exam preparation and PowerPoints that professors have uploaded for students to review and study with.

In the sixth heading, "Biblioteque," students will find a wide variety of links to online journals, encyclopedias and other scholarly articles. Specifically under ""Ressources numériques," students will find a list of search engines such as EBSCO, JSTOR, and Oxford. As students of the University of Rouen, these search engines are free and easy to access when doing research projects for class and preparing for final exams. There is even a catalog for all the resources within the seven libraries of the University of Rouen.

In the seventh heading, "Perso," students can find the tab "liens de Scolarité" which provides necessary documents such as for an internship. Included in this tab is a "certificate de scolarité" which is used to show proof of university enrollment. Oftentimes, this is necessary for obtaining an ASTUCE card or opening a bank account.

In the eighth heading, "LéoServices," students with find all the necessary information to add money to their Student ID Card (Léocarte). For example, the tab "Gestion des credits d'iimpression" permits students to add money to print at the library computer lab. In the tab " Rechargement CROUS" allows students to add money to their card in order to eat at student cafeterias. There is even a link to the daily CROUS menus, location and open hours for students convenience!