At all library sites, students have the possiblity to print or scan documents as necessary. Within the library computer lab, students can directly print using their student ID card. First, click the print button on the computer and the correct printer should automatically be chosen. Then, swipe your student ID card and choose the button "relacher," click the document you want to be printed and press the blue arrow. Be aware that in order to print, students need to put money on their student ID card. In order to do this, complete the following steps: 

-login in to ENT account :

-In the main menu click "LéoServices" then "Gestion des crédits d'Impression" 

      Once there, students are required to put at least 2 Euro on their student ID card which will print about 108 pages in black and white or 10 pages in color. Documents are automatically printed double-sided.