Research Promotion

      The University of Rouen nurtures internationaly strong social and economic links in the fields of energies, aeronautics, logistics, transports and mobility, cosmetology and health. It plays a major role in terms of innovation, through learning institutes, clusters and competitive hubs. The University of Rouen supports the industries in the creation of joint labs (EDF, JANSSEN, TOTAL, AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES). At the same time, the University contributes to cooperative activities in  local firms and participates in the creation of start-up companies (Biosims, Celenys, VFP Therapies, Powder concept, ChemforAse, Arteko) with the intention of economic development and job creations.  It also is closely linked to the tertiary sector, in particular with Services, Banks, Insurances, Firms organisation, Public services (customs, territories, local government agencies).

      In support of research, funding and promotion,  more than 20 staff manage 41 million € in connection to 400 contracts (private and public financing) plus some patents. Notably, the University of Rouen is involved in 18 FP7 projects,  15 cross-border cooperation-Interreg IV projects, one international Master program as coordinator (France-Sweden-United States) and four Erasmus- Mundus Partnerships and  is part of the 7th top European research program and hapartners from over 33 different countries.