Energy, Electronics and Materials

The “Energy, Electronics and Materials” cluster relies namely on two large laboratories: CORIA and GPM, which work in collaboration and partnership with the University of Rouen, INSA-Rouen (Institut National desSciences Appliquées) and CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique).

  The Interprofessional Research Center for Aerothermochemistry (CORIA - Complexe de Recherche Interprofessionnel en Aérothermochimie) has a staff of around 180, of which 47 are professors from the University of Rouen and INSA-Rouen. There are 13 researchers from CNRS and 70 doctoral students. CORIA carries out research in six main themes: combustion, plasmas, turbulence and scalar transport, phase-dispersed fows, atmospheric pollution, electromagnetism, opticand optronics. The organization carrys out  basic research, but contributes also to the development or adaptation of new and standard diagnostics notably in optics, which implies activities in laser physics. Over the years, it has developed a close collaboration with various industries, such as  the car and aerospace industries.

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    The Materials Physics Group (GPM - Groupe de Physique des Matériaux) employs almost 100 researchers. Beginning in 1993, GPM has developed a unique 3D microscope and even tomographic atomic probes that have been promoted  internationally with the help of the CAMECA company. Over the years, GPM has developed to include research in the areas of nanoscience, phase transformations and segregation and diffusion phenomenon, magnetic and mechanical proprieties of nanomaterials (metals and semiconductors) and on scientific instrumentation. GPM is particularly interested in the kinetic aspects where experiments and numerical simulations are confronted. Many collaborations have been developed with the aerospace, energy and microelectornic industries.

Energies, Electronics, Materials Labs

- CORIA : joint research laboratory in aerothermochemistry
- GPM : Material Physics Group
- AMME-LECAP : Characterisation of amorphous and polymers
- SMS : Separative Sciences and Methods