Normandy Region


The University of Rouen is located in the region of Normandy, offering a rich history to all that visit. The region is surrounded by castles, gardens, churches, abbeys and world-renowned museums. Students have the opportunity to visit historic sites and travel through time discovering the rich history of the country. During WWII the allies landed on the beaches of Normandy, young and old, fighting with the intent to protect us and shedding much blood. Now, as a student in Normandy, you too can visit the beaches, take a step inside old German bunkers still preserved and envision the battle that has impacted so many lives. Less recent, students can also discover the rich history of the Vikings, William the Conqueror and the life of Joan of Arc.

    For students that would like to know more about the city in general, the Rouen townhall website offers lots of information, particularly for students. Throughout the year, the townhall even plans events for international students like "zazimuts." The townhall also offers useful information about cultural events (with discounts for students!) as well as how to get involved in the local community. 

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    As for visiting other cities and countries, Rouen is 100 miles from Paris, 340 miles from Brussels, and 370 miles from London. Travel from Rouen is easily accessible, affordable and offers a wide range of choices by train, bus, plane or even carpooling!


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