Once in Rouen, students can easily navigate around the city with public transportation options. There are over 30 regular bus lines that conveniently pass by the multiple University of Rouen campus sites and a metro in two directions. Students can obtain an ASTUCE transportation card and refill it at any metro or TEOR station when necessary. For students under the age of 26, an unlimited monthly transportation pass is available for €26.50 per month. To obtain this card visit the following Agency with proof of student status (ID card) and a passport version picture. Be aware that although the bus card is unlimited, passengers must validate each ride when entering the bus/metro or be obligated to pay a fine due to frequent ticket checks.

ASTUCE Agency (Théâtre des Arts)
9 Rue Jeanne d'Arc 76000 Rouen
Telephone: 023 552 5252

For more information on bus schedules, directions and delays consult: