The University of Rouen is comprised of six campuses located in Mont Saint Aignan, Rouen-Pasteur, Rouen-Martainville, Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray - Le Madrillet, Evreux and Elbeuf. Students study at a specific campus depending on the field of study chosen.

    Mont Saint Aignan is the main campus with over 13,000 students enrolled. With a beautiful view overlooking the city of Rouen, students will find the campus adequately equipped with cafeterias, restaurants, gym, food stores, bookstores and banks! The campus is easily accessible by public transportation and offers student housing close by. Students at this campus study Engineering Sciences at IUT, Science and Technics, Arts, Languages and Humanities, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Sport Science and Health Science.

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   Pasteur, conveniently located in downtown Rouen, has nearly 6,000 students enrolled that study Law, Economics and Management.



    Martainville campus was established in 1999 and located near the University Hospital Charles Nicolle. With an enrollment of more than 5,000, students at this campus study Medicine and Health Science, and most often complete internships at the local hospital.

    Madrillet campus has about 1,500 students enrolled specializing in Engineering Sciences.

    Evreux campus is affiliated with the Institute of Technology, offering students to study in the fields of Science, Marketing, Management, Economics, and Engineering. The site has nearly 1,500 students. For more information visit:

     Elbeuf has nearly 400 students and is ideally located for travelling to Paris and Rouen. The campus is about 15 minutes from downtown Rouen and less than an hour from Paris. Students at this site study in affiliation with the Institute of Technology as well as Multimedia and Telecommunications. For more information visit:

IUT de Rouen - Elbeuf