With over 2,500 faculty, staff and professors at the University of Rouen, we are always readily available to respond, accompany, and prepare students for all academic and personal needs during the journey in higher education and development for the professional world. Within the university community, get involved, and stay open and positive to new encounters and intellectual experiences: be the leader of your own success!

    The University of Rouen offers over 300 Major and Master programs in numerous fields of study. The four main departments students can choose from are: Arts, Language, Literature Human and Social Sciences Law, Economy and Management, Sciences, Technology and Engineering





At the University of Rouen there are six faculties and five Institutions.


- Sciences, Medicine and Pharmacy
- Sport Sciences
- Psychology, Sociology and Education Sciences
Humanities, Languages and Arts,
- Law
- Economics, and Management


- University Technology (IUT) (2) 
- Business Management Institute (IAE)
- Institute of Administration (IPAG)
-Teacher's Training Institute (ESPE)




Depending on the field of study, students can choose either a traditional classroom oreinted diploma in a faculty or program within an institution. There are benefits for both and most often students choose one that best fits their learning objectives. 

IPAG is a professional institute that prepares students to take state exams. Throughout a three year formation, students are provided with the necessary resources and information to suceede in a state job such as ministry. 

IUT is an intense two year program for students interested in engineering and computer sciences. There is about 35 hours of coursework per week and focuses on group projects and internships. This is an equivalent of an Associates Degree. 

IAE focuses on marketing and management. It is a public institution that offers programs for either 3 or 5 years. Students enroll most often after 2 years of Licence. A benefit to this institution is an hands-on internship component. 

ESPE is an institution that trains students who apsire to become teachers and professors. Students enroll after obtaining a Bachelor Degree. It is a two year program and prepares students to take the CAPES. 

Each of these institutions are spread between the seven University of Rouen campuses.