Online Learning

The University of Rouen offers over 25 different online formations and has over 1,500 students enrolled each year. In French, online learning is known as "a distance." Online courses permit all students to learn, follow a specific formation and receive a diploma despite geographic location, financial hardship or personal affairs. Students have the ability to organize their schedule and time as necessary and work independently.

     Resources are available to students such as a Learning Platform, access to online tutors, course videos and quizzes. Online learning provides students with all the necessary materials, links, discussion questions and homework that facilitate the development of their intellectual capacity. Students taking online courses have the same intellectual expectations as students attending courses on campus and must meet coursework deadlines.

     When choosing an online curriculum, be aware that certain formations and courses require that students are physically present during the examination period. Online programs, ranging from a Bachelor to a Master degree, are offered in Law, Education, Humanities, Literature, and Linguistics. Students considering Online Learning must have daily access to the Internet, an email account and have basic computer skills which includes sending and downloading documents.

For more information visit: http://ead.univ-rouen.f