Internship Opportunities

 An internship opportunity allows students to experience, practice, and acquire theoretical and applied knowledge in a given profession. Although an internship is not considered a job, students are able to observe and particpate in a career setting. Such real-world experiences permits students to acquire useful skills that can be used throughout their professional career and perfect knowledge that has already been acquired in a classroom setting. 

    Having the status of a student, enrolled at the University of Rouen, gives students access to Social Security and Health Insurance which are both mandatory when partaking in an internship. Students are also responsible for any accidents that may occur while on the job and travel expenses to and from the internship location.

The duration of an internship can not exceed 6 months and must be executed during the academic calendar. Before starting the internship, students must establish clearly defined work objectives agreed upon by the enterprise and the university. All interns are also obliged to complete and sign an official contract that establishes working hours and conditions. The form must be approved by the company and returned to the University. 


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