Study Abroad


 The University of Rouen offers multiple opportunities for students to build connections that will enhance the possibilities of success in the professional world. Studying abroad in another country allows students to have valuable connections in, not only the region of Normandy, but in other countries. Besides building a professional network, study abroad also equips students with other necessary life skills that are pertinent to the workforce such as adaptability, flexibility, independence, compatibility, and diplomacy.

    Study abroad in another country also gives students a different perspective of the world around them, introducing a new culture and language, and even different methods of teaching and learning. If you are interested in discovering the study abroad programs offered by UR, visit the International Relations Office. In the autumn, we even offer an annual International Week that provides students with the necessary information for studying abroad such as possible locations, when and how to apply.


Before taking the step to study abroad, take advantage of our well-established alumni network eROUENsmus and talk with current international students at UR. In order to allow every student the opportunity to study abroad, there are many opportunities to receive scholarships and financial support.