Ph.D Programs


Each year almost 900 PhD students come to the University of Rouen for high quality training in a most favorable environment. Roughly 150 students obtain a PhD each year, of which 60 recieve an international dual PhD. Be aware that doctorate program enrollement must be renewed each year and all doctorate programs should be approved by the Research Center. Pre-enrollement is necessary for all first year doctorate students and is known in French as OPI (l'Opération de Préincription). To enroll, students will need  a research proposal, a copy of a Masters diploma (or equivalent), a resume, and proof of adequate research funds which should include recieved scholarships and grants. 

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  The University of Rouen has 7 PhD schools located at various locations within and around Rouen. These schools are directed by M. Pierre-Yves Renard 

- ED 98 DN: Droit Normandie
-ED 242 EGN: Economie-Gestion Normandie
-ED 351 SPMI : Sciences Physiques, Mathématiques et Information pour l'Ingénieur
-ED 497 NBISE: Normande de Biologie Intégrative, Santé, Envioronnement
-ED 508 NC: Normandie de Chimie
-ED 558 HMPL: Histoire Mémoire Patrimoine Langage
-ED 556 HSRT: Homme Société, Risques Territoires 
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    Students also have the opportunity to recieve a European/French Dual PhD that has a study abroad component among other criteria. 

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