Training Programs

There are more than 300 different training options recognized by the University of Rouen! Depending on highest level of academic achievement, past work and professional experience and objectives, students can choose a program that best suits their schedule and desired goals. The following are some of the major catogories for training programs offered by the University of Rouen. 

Work-Study Vocational Program (Alternance): 

For students that prefer hands-on learning, rather than traditional learning methods in a classroom, a vocational training option may be the best.  These programs offer the same diploma as in traditional classroom formations and have many benefits. Students use a work setting, in a company of their choice, to learn, develop and excel in the professional world. Accompanied with the internship, students have access to an academic support team and supplementary classes in small groups of about 15-20 students.  By doing an internship, students can have tuition fees paid by the school and can potentially be recruited by the company afterward. While there are many advantages, students must remember their obligation to adhere to the rules and regulations of the company. For instance, students must be timely, respect the rules and rythm of the office, be well-organized between the internship and classwork as well as maintaining a professional demeanor at all times. In 2013, over 88% of students found a job afterward, others continued with their studies. 

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Students can also decide to alternate semesters between classroom learning and an internship. Advantages are similar to a work study, but the organization is different. 

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Online Training

For students that are restrained by distance, the University of Rouen offers online training programs and formations that allow students to validate knowledge acquired. 

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Short Training Porgams

For students that are time limited but would still like to experience an internship or professional setting, short training programs are available. Most often, these programs range between 1-5 days and offers students the possiblity to focus and expand on skills and technics learned in the classroom.

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Students in the field of health have the opportunity to take supplementary training courses in order to continue and perfect knowledge already acquired. Depending on the specialisation and level of study reached, students have a wide range of health training program options. Formations are offered in undergraduate and graduate level studies. For students that have not recieved the BAC, an entrance examination (DEAU)  can be taken in order to directely enter a university training program. 

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Validation of Knowledge (VAE La Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience)

Another option for students that have not recieved a specific diploma but have worked in a professional setting for at least 3 years, can take the VAE. According to the Law of Education (Articles L613-3 à L613-6 et R613-32 à R613-37 du code de l'éducation) all persons have the right to validate their professional knowledge and skills and obtain a partial or complete diploma. 

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