COVID-19 FAQs: Campus life

Are all the cultural events cancelled?

In compliance with the measures taken to limit the COVID-19 propagation, all events planned at the University are cancelled until further notice. This includes all cultural events, student life, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, etc. 

In view of the start of the university year, the Culture Service (direction de la Culture) is working on the 2020-2021 programme, in compliance with health recommendations. More information will soon be available on the University website and social medias.

Are sport activities maintained?

All sports activities of the University are suspended on all the different campuses until further notice

If you want to keep a physical activity, we recommend you to practice at home as far as possible, or outside if the activity is adapted.

University libraries are closed, what are the alternatives?

All university libraries are closed until further notice. However, in order to guarantee pedagogical continuity, the Service commun de Documentaiton (documentation service) set up the following measures:

  • Duration of the loans is extended and delay penalties are cancelled during the closure.
  • Documentation stays available online:  ➡️ e-ressources  ➡️ toutes les ressources.
  • SinceTuesday June 2nd, measures were diminished in university libraries: some work with loan/return desks, others have reopened their reading rooms. Find more information on this page.

You can use ODIN to make a research from the homepage of SCD website. Your search will also include every Rouen libraries and their collections of online books and magazines accessible to university libraries.

To have access to all available e-books, consult Flora, the university libraries index:

Exceptional help measures from URN

The president of the University decided to set up exceptional help measures.

WARNING: these exceptional measures ended on June 5th, 2020.

Following the end of these aids form URN, students are invited to contact services and partners from this list, depending on their needs.

Computer equipment loan

As part of the organization of online examinations, we informed students of the possibility of computer equipment loan (see this post).

We received many requests through the survey sent by SMS by the University of Rouen Normandy. Considering the number of available computers and 4G keys, the University could not respond favourably to all requests. We prioritized firstly students who would graduate this year (L3, M2, DUT2, Engineer), and secondly students in PACES, M1, L2 and DUT1.

However, the services of Région Normandie (more precisely the Direction de l’Aménagement Numérique) offer “public digital spaces” (escapes publics numériques or EPN – spaces with computer equipment and internet connection available to the public) that may be accessible to you on the specific time slots of your exams. In principle, such public spaces are available in all regions of France.

If you could not find a solution to your equipment or connection problem and you can't access an EPN, you can identify yourself as a “prevented” student, for part or all of your exams. For this, you must contact your administration and answer an attestation though this link. Exams similar in nature will be offered to you when it will be possible to resume in-person exams. These examinations will necessarily be delayed by weeks or months compared to the online exams currently put in place.

Special government support

Facing an unprecedented situation, the government wishes to bring an additional answer, in order to help young people in position of insecurity to face a crisis which increased their difficulties.

On May the 4th, the Prime Minister announced that this special aid would benefit 800 000 young persons in difficulties, almost half of whom are students, with or without a scholarship.

It will concern:

  • full-time education students registered in a higher education institution or in an advanced technician’s certificate (exluding apprentices), with or without a scholarship, suffering from a reduction of their financial resources after losing a job (from 32h per month, being 8h per week), or after losing an internship with allowance because of the sanitary crisis.
  • overseas students in a full-time education, with or without a scholarship, who stayed in mainland France and who are suffering from ultra-distance.

Students must fill out a form, available from May the 12th on the website Instructions to fill the form will be simplified and money transfer will be made in the following weeks so that students can benefit from it as soon as possible.

The amount of the aid will be fixed to €200, transferred all at once.

This exceptional aid, which cannot be combined with other government’s ongoing crisis measures such as partial unemployment benefits or help to freelancers, will supplement:

  • Grants on social criteria
  • Emergency aid
  • Supports from universities, which brought together their resources from students and campus life contributions (CVEC) to supply food purchase vouchers, to help solidarity groceries or to buy computer and phone equipment.

All information on this special aid (in French)

Source : press release from Higher Education and Research Ministry (MESRI), published on May 5, 2020

Do CROUS residences remain open? 

All the residences depending on the CROUS remain open.

Are university restaurants open? 

In the context of the deconfinement, CROUS Normandie proposes take-away lunch in some cafeterias, in accordance with sanitary recommendations.

Cafétéria Lavoisier in Mont-Saint-Aignan is open Monday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Cafétéria Martainville in Rouen is open Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Other CROUS restaurants and cafeterias remain closed to this day.

For more information: CROUS Normandie.