COVID-19 FAQs: International

For the students as for the staff, both incoming and outgoing mobilities are suspended until further notice. 

For those who are currently abroad, it is recommended to contact the competent consular authorities in order to know instructions.

I am a newcomer candidate, but I am not a European Union Member State national, what are the latest information regarding start of academic year 2020?

Regarding the beginning of academic year 2020, the “Studying in France” campaign of the University of Rouen Normandy for newcomer candidates, who are not nationals of a Member State of the EU, continues under the current circumstances.

However, individual mobilities and pedagogical terms for the year 2020-2021 will depend on national regulations required by sanitary conditions and official authorizations to enter the country.  

For more information about ingoing mobilities, please contact Espace Monde service.

I am studying in an internship abroad or I am about to go abroad, what should I do?

You were supposed to go abroad shortly.

Outgoing mobilities are suspended until further notice.

You are currently abroad

You must contact your consulate or embassy to know their recommendations. According to their advices, you can decide either to come back to France or to stay. In any case, please contact the DRIC to inform them of your decision: 

If you choose to return to France, contact your host university to know their modalities for educational continuity and inform educational team of the University of Rouen Normandy of your choice. 

     >> Find more information on the European Commission website

I am a foreign student currently in France, my visa is about to expire, what should I do?

As far as possible, international students are invited to go back home, in line with measures regarding international travels.

Long-stay visas and residence permits expiring from March 16th will be extended for 6 months. This includes receipts of application for residence permit. Please consult (in French) for more information.

Help for students in mobility

Creation of a plan to help students in internship (in France and abroad) and for students studying abroad.

If you are currently away from your home, in France or abroad, and if you are not able to activate your insurance (including your credit card insurance) or if your airline/railway company cannot offer any financially acceptable solution, the University created an exceptional aid funds for the most vulnerable students. To get this help, send an email to

Also, if you are currently in an internship away from your home and if your wages have been suspended, you can get help from the aid funds created by the University. Send an email to

We thank you in advance for your patience. All requests will be handled by social workers from the Preventive Health Service of the University in order of priority. In any case you will receive an answer.