COVID-19 FAQs: Research, valorization, doctoral studies

Are laboratories still opened? 

As part of the University activity resumption plan, research laboratories are resuming their activity, in compliance with sanitary safety recommendations.

Some of the research laboratories are now accessible to doctoral students and interns. This decision has been made in tandem with the other supervisory and partner authorities (CNRS, INSERM, INSA, etc.). We recommend you to contact your laboratory direction for any further information

Are all the research events cancelled?

All events related to research are suspended until further notice. Some might be rescheduled at a later date, when possible.

In view of the start of the new university year, health measures must also apply when organizing colloquia, seminars and scientific and cultural events.

We recommend favoring the "webinar" model for colloquia and seminars, in order to attract larger audiences

Are travels in France or abroad still possible?

Please refer to the International section.

I was supposed to achieve my HDR shortly, is the oral delayed?

It is recommended to report your oral to September 2020. If the original date must absolutely be maintained, please contact the doctoral studies unit: or

My thesis oral was supposed to take place before July. May I do it now?

Except for imperative reasons, the University must avoid planning orals before the 3rd trimester of 2020. In case of exceptional maintaining, only the candidate and the jury’s president will be present in the same room. All other jury’s members must participate to the oral with videoconference or by another communication mean that allows their identification and deliberation. We advise you to test the videoconference’s operationality beforehand. 

I am currently working under a doctoral contract, postdoc contract or a fixed-term research contract, will my contract be extended because of the sanitary crisis impacts on my research activity?

The Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation recently announced in a press release the possibility of potentially extending doctoral and postdoc contracts as well as fixed-term research contracts affected by sanitary crisis. At this point, this does not confirm the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation commitment to finance the extension of all contracts. National decisions as well as employing institution decisions might be taken, that is why we are not able to confirm the extension of your contract at the moment.

Are exercise thesis orals maintained?

Yes. Medical and pharmaceutical thesis orals should be held so that the professionals can take their functions as soon as possible. Planned exercice thesis orals for interns completing their last semester in April must therefore be maintained.

Oral authorizations and jury validation should be held at UFR Santé (Health Faculty) by contacting the postgraduate office ( or the UFR Santé director office, when necessary (

In case of struggle, you can contact the UFR Santé director: Monsieur le Professeur Benoît Veber (

Videoconference will be facilitated as far as possible and thesis will be presented with no public.