COVID-19 FAQs: Teleworking

How to do teleworking in good conditions?

Due to COVID-19 pandemic crisis, teleworking has become the norm for university staff. In that context, it is important to keep and respect good work conditions for all, despite this degraded situation affecting everyone.

To guide you, CHSCT and the risk prevention direction (Direction de la Prévention des Risques), created a document about the good habits for teleworking during sanitary crisis (in French). When possible, your home-based work should take into account some of those ergonomic rules, listed in this document (in French).

Furthermore, as professional email is the main communication tools between agents, it is important to remind rules and advice listed in the messaging service charter (charte de la messagerie - in French).
Do not forget: in that specific context, it is even more important to take a break, to take time to disconnect as much as needed.

More on CHSCT (in French)

What if I can’t work from home?

Some family circumstances (child care, for example) make it difficult to work from home. In that case, you can ask for a Special Leave of Absence to your manager. As part of ministry plan for COVID-19, it allows you to not hold your work position temporarily.

Which tools do I have to work from home?

Confinement led the University to set up telework using digital tools. Due to the short time to set everything up, you might encounter technical problems. Please be asssured that teams of the University Digital Department (Service aux Usagers du Numérique - SUN), local correspondents and Information System Direction (Direction des Systèmes d'Information - DSI) are doing their best to guide you while maintaining the security level required for the activity continuation.

For staff with a professional computer

If necessary, the DSI can give you a VPN access with the Pulse Secure app, with the approval of your manager. Contact them through VPN access allows you to work as if you were at the University.

However, we ask you connect to VPN only if necessary and always log out when you end your session.

All usual online resources are accessible through your ENT.

For the staff without VPN access

It is possible to connect to VPN by visiting this website: In that case you will access to the storage areas X : or Z :

Those storage areas are also accessible from the ENT.

Despite a great number of connections, University services are doing their best to guarantee the quality of service. Nevertheless, you might encounter difficulties to access or connect to some online service..

I don’t have any computer to work from home. What should I do?

Call your manager to consider all options possible during the confinement.

How can I be sure to work safely online?

To limit risks, here are some recommendations to adopt good practices and to guard against risks in professional and personal life (technical problems should not lead to anarchical use and practice):

  • only use tools and services recommended by the University, do not use tools outside of the University framework.
  • prefer use of Moodle/UniversiTICE, BBB, RenaVisio, rendez-vous from Renater ou pexip from the CRIANN, rather than using other tools such as skype, teams, etc.
  • beware of any messages (email, text message, chat, etc.) or any phone call from unknown or unexpected source.
  • as a reminder, you can forward undetected spams as attachment to
  • only download apps from official websites and shops (Google Playstore, Apple Appstore, MS Store, etc.).
  • avoid mixing work and leisure on your work equipment.
  • check the reliability and reputation of the websites you use.
  • ensure reliability and security of your WiFi connection.
  • make regular backups of your files.
  • beware of fake news and information.
  • do not rush, take some time to think.

Can I access the University buildings?

No. The University is only accessible to those who have a specific authorization. 

Are wages maintained during confinement?

General principle is that everyone has to stay home. Work activity can be undertaken from home when it is possible. There is no need to ask for a leave of absence for exceptional circumstances, which is granted to all. All salaries are maintained for all the staff, including contract workers. Student vacations will be paid in priority and overtime will be dealt in due time.